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It comes in the middle of the night
Maybe this is comfort
Maybe this is song
something is new
we can give in to to the warmth we give
without asking questions of each other
There is nothing to say.


I’m trying to be all nonchalant about this weekend and how it is NOT working out the way I want, but in all honestly I’m pretty pissed/upset/sad/tired.

I think I need to stop talking to myself, especially at work. I’m starting to get an odd reputation.

You did not just lecture me on not including the fact that this guy was a pizza delivery man. You just misspelled “committing” and a city in this county. What do you think is the more grievous error?

Not for me, but The Boy. He’s raising money since his university won’t give him any sort of funding while he’s in Peru finishing his Master’s. He needs a couple hundred still, so all the help you can give would be great.

I appreciate it and he certainly does.

Donate, please.